"Speed of the land" to create the legend

If you have the opportunity to go to the local, you will see that the famous long straight sand beach, from 1903 onwards has become the legendary land-speed record of the legendary capital of the land . Since 1903, many racing events have been held here, many world land speed record is also here to refresh. In 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell drove the Bluebird at a record speed of nearly 450 kilometers per hour. So far, known as "the world's car center," Daytona beach racing has long been replaced by professional racing venues. In this "speed of the land" not only appeared on many names stay green history of the drivers and the car, also appeared in a famous chronograph - Rolex cosmometer type Daytona replica watches. Zerograph Rolex and racing are quite the origin of the brand since 1933 began producing watches, and these watches are usually equipped with other features in the surface, such as: measuring speed tachymeter, distance measuring telemetry, or measuring heartbeat pulse And so on. When riding in the Daytona Beach Malcolm Campbell Sir often hit the car feat when wearing a Rolex oyster watch, which the swiss replica watches Zerograph, is the use of the smallest chronograph movement, as Rolex classic masterpiece one. However, the Rolex chronograph is really famous in 1963, the new paragraph, Rolex is launched for the new racing chronograph watch "universe type watch", the use of Valjoux 72 type (Valjoux acquired by the ETA) full manual core. Watch dial completely practical design as the starting point for the consideration, making the watch timing function easier to read. Timing disk with a strong contrast color, light-colored dial with black, or black dial with light-colored. While the speed ring is moved from the surface to the outer periphery. Paul Newman In this one, known as the "Paul Newman" (Paul Newman) dial the most famous, of course, because the different colors are also divided into several models. One of the most orthodox non-veteran American movie star and racing driver Paul? Newman often wear this dial watch (Ref: 6239). Iconic features of the white dial, black sub-dial, dial outer ring for the red scale, while the sub-dial for the square scale. Today, "Paul Newman" Daytona has become the auction price of over 50 million easily over the hard goods. If you carefully observe, you will find at this time of Daytona has not yet reached the Rolex case has always been the level of protection, located in the crown from top to bottom timing button and no installation of waterproof lock. But in its shortly after, 1965 Daytona 6263/6262 will be fitted with a time button lock. Cal.4030 movement In 1988, replica watches launched the first self-winding movement Daytona 16520, watch models upgraded to five. The Cal.4030 movement was born out of true force El Primero movement, the application of speed control structure of the swing frequency from the original 36,000 times / slow to 28,800 times / hour, and also the movement of the chronograph spring The rod has been improved. The entire movement of the replacement parts up to more than 120, if that Cal.4030 movement reborn is not an exaggeration. Daytona El Primero movement released in 1969, and after 5 years, Valjoux 7750 available. Many brands have also launched their own automatic chronograph movement, making Rolex had to rethink its strategic layout. Eventually, in 2000, Rolex launched its fully self-produced Cal.4130 automatic chronograph movement. Cal.4130 type movement Cal.4130 caliber movement than the Cal.4030 movement to reduce the number of parts by 60%. In particular, Rolex simplifies the minutes and hour timer system, its integration into a single component, and the use of non-centered clutch device carefully placed on one side of the movement, which traditionally, the two separate parts in the movement On both sides. Centrifugal screw to adjust the chronograph watch patented technology, can adjust the number of times from five to one. This technology can save space, easy assembly of larger mainspring, which will power reserve from the previous 50 hours to 72 hours. In addition, the efficiency of self-winding mechanical structure greatly improved, especially with a new generation of automatic loop-back system, the two-way chain efficiency is more significant. In order to match the movement structure, the balance wheel mounted on the balance wheel plywood, and fixed on both sides to improve the seismic force. And use completely Rolex R & D, manufacturing and patented Parachrom hairspring. It is worth mentioning that, Cal.4130 movement and did not use the traditional horizontal cross-connect device, but the use of vertical cross-connect device to start timing, the two stacked plates directly to the friction contact, bring significant performance improvement , Chronograph second hand can press the button when the precise start or stop running; the same time, so that timing even if the long-running, it will not affect the accuracy of the watch. Daytona, 116520 Equipped with Cal.4130 of Daytona 116520 and 16520 in appearance almost exactly the same, the only difference lies in the position of small seconds disc, due to different movements, 16520 small seconds at 9 o'clock position, and 116520 at 6 o'clock position . watch models also changed from 5 to 6. Steel models Rolex Daytona 116520 has been in short supply, the market price of about 90,000 to 10 million, and no room for discount. In the relatively good period of the economy, more "speculators" to carry its market value is even more expensive than between the gold, can imagine how much sought-after. Daytona 116500LN In this year's steel section Daytona another upgrade, Rolex launched a new ceramic outer ring steel section Daytona (Ref: 116500LN), the advent of ceramic ring steel section, announced the launch of this generation since 2000 steel section Daytona , And finally completed in 2015 the latest upgrade (since 2013 Daytona platinum ceramic circle watch, the popular steel section ceramic ring).