The money willful three top luxury watch recommended

Watch, as the top luxury jewelry, since the quartz crisis, has been highly sought after, now, wearing a watch so many people, not only because people will wear a watch more temperament, but also a quality, Status status symbol. The choice of watch more and more tend to those relatively high price of the brand. If your wallet enough drums, may wish to try to start with a hedging function and highlight the status of the watch. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three top luxury watch. Rolex Week Calendar Series 118238A-83208 replica watches uk Watch Series: Week calendar series Movement type: automatic machinery Case material: 18K gold Strap material: 18K gold Case diameter: 40 mm Domestic price: ¥ 257800 Classic watch, classic style, watch with all 18K gold to build, luxurious, watch the standard time for the use of square diamonds to create a high-profile appearance, equipped with the internal watch for the Rolex Self-cal.3155 self-winding movement, accurate and durable. Watch 12 o'clock position also has a week calendar display window, is also one of its iconic design. Breguet Classic Series 7787BR / 29 / 9V6 watch Watch Series: Classic Series Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: 18K rose gold Strap material: crocodile skin Case diameter: 39 mm Domestic price: ¥ 234700 Watch: This Breguet 7787BR / 29 / 9V6 rose gold moon phase simple overall classical watch, dial unique and elegant layout, with the moon phase and power storage features more of its complex and practical beauty. Breguet brand design highlights the entire section of the brand features, classic values ​​and spiritual heritage of the perfect embodiment of modern creativity. Elegant lines, elegant style, accurate travel time, a perfect tabulation technology model. Earl ALTIPLANO SERIES G0A37132 rolex replica Watch Series: ALTIPLANO series Movement type: automatic machinery Case material: 18K white gold Strap material: crocodile skin Case diameter: 38 mm Domestic public price: ¥ 414000 Watches Review: With the Piaget Altiplano hollow ultra-thin replica watches available again, the achievements of the two world record again, and the limit specifications to a new level, the world's thinnest self-winding hollow watch (5.34 mm) The world's thinnest self-winding hollow movement (2.40 mm). Success is by no means out of thin air, relying on more than half a century in the ultra-thin mechanical movement of the unique accomplishments, before another peak. Summary: Today, we recommend these three watches are expensive products, whether it is the brand or the product itself is the top, which worn several wrist watch, the identity and strength is entirely a symbol of the three Watches are also the representative of their respective brands, is definitely worth starting to watch.