2016 Rolex watch new appreciation

On the afternoon of May 20, 2016, "Rolex 2016 Basel Watch Fair new watch Appreciation House special" as about to. The event is jointly organized by the watch house and brand Rolex, came to the Bund in Shanghai, "Rolex World" (The Rolex Experience). Participate in the Forum by users of the watch and WeChat public number of recruitment, brand Rolex and the presence of friends to share the 2016 Basel Watch Fair released the new watch. Before the event, part of the watch with the Friends of the watch with the staff of the dinner. During the banquet, watch the faithful exchange watch experience and views. Located in Shanghai's Bund, "Rolex World" covers an area of ​​about 800 square meters, where the Rolex brand history, sponsorship theme exhibition and replica watches uk the classic watch and watch sales in one. The exhibition for visitors to bring the annual New Detailed and comprehensive appreciation and try on the experience. 28, Shanghai, the rain has been down from the early to late, but still difficult to block the Friends of the watch you love Rolex, the event has not yet begun to have a lot of friends arrived in advance watch. Activities at 2 o'clock on time, Rolex brand lecturer to introduce this year's Rolex released the new watch. The arrival of the watch are faithful to the new rolex replica are attracted to concentrate. This year's highly regarded ceramics circle Daytona, once launched will be much attention. Equipped with precise and swatch Rolex Cal. 4130 movement, its exterior design and innovation interpretation. The well-crafted, glossy, glossy, high-tech black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring replaces the original metal outer ring with black Plexiglas resin glass inserts. Do you think the most popular ceramic ring this year, Daytona it? wrong. The presence of a number of watch friends are on this new color platinum ring yacht Mingshi rolex replica watches full of praise. Its gray dial and blue second hand color, very exciting. Than the Rolex Cerachrom outer ring, platinum bezel more texture, creating a unique image of the yacht Mingshi type. Equipped with Rolex Cal.3135 movement. The new Oyster Perpetual Overlord watch, continuation of the original paragraph watch the aviation origin. 40mm 904L steel forged case. Black dial rich 3,6 and 9 o'clock position marked with large Arabic numerals highly personalized, minute scale prominent prominent, so that when the navigation can be clearly read. Dial on the "Air-King" words, the font used in the last century, the original design for the 50's watch. Equipped with Rolex Cal.3131 movement. The new Oyster Perpetual Adventurer watch, all luminous display, to ensure that at a glance. This model's unique 3, 6 and 9 figures are coated with luminous material, and the hour markers and the same distribution of persistent blue light pointer. This unique Chromalight luminous display ensures clear reading regardless of environmental conditions. Pointer more lengthened, so that explicit time more clearly. Equipped with Rolex Cal.3132 movement. The new color of the gold Daytona, green dial is very beautiful, have to say that Rolex in the use of gray and green people praise. Rolex staff to explain the end, the most people look forward to the moment, the watch began to try the new faithful Rolex watch, and all-round appreciation of the new Rolex watch. Since the presence of more friends, we can only try in batches. Summary: The "2016 Rolex watch new home Appreciation special" held a complete success, not only to friends you rolex this year with new understanding of the rolex replica watches, but also enhance the exchange between the watch faithful, try to link also give We more contact with the new Rolex watch experience opportunities. Rainy season in Shanghai is still difficult to watch the enthusiasm of the watch friends, we can see the love of Rolex. The watch special event can not be held without the forum watch friends of the support and concern, in this watch home to express our sincere thanks to the brand Rolex also want to thank for this rare Of the appreciation will be concerned about the future of the watch house more exciting activities